Today the Federal Government announced that it would not implement a sugar tax. Such a tax has been proposed to reduce the incidence of obesity and dental caries.
The introduction of this tax had the support of The Australian Dental Association, The Australian Medical Association ,the ALP and the Greens.
That may sound like alot of support !
However, Dr Stephen Cameron at Cameron Dental Care believes that people should be responsible for their own decisions and that Government already plays too large a role in our lives. He does not think a nanny state mentality is a good thing and that Australians already pay enough tax including GST on sweet beverages.

The following is from The Australian of 7 January 2018————-

Turnbull government refuses sugary drinks tax

“We do not support a new tax on sugar to address this issue,” a spokesman for Health Minister Greg Hunt said.

“Unlike the Labor party, we don’t believe increasing the family grocery bill at the supermarket is the answer to this challenge.”

Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Health Minister Greg Hunt.

He noted the government had taken action by backing labelling laws for ingredients and nutritional information and supported voluntary measures to restrict food marketing to children.