With contact sport season well and truly upon us it’s time to make sure your teeth are suitably protected with a dentist made custom fit mouthguard.
While boil-n-bite mouthguards are a cheaper alternative they are simply not effective. Custom fit mouthguards offer a much higher level of protection which ensures value for money, as teeth are expensive to replace.
At Cameron Dental Care we keep the cost of mouthguards comparably low as we believe you should be able to safely enjoy sport without a massive financial burden. At $165 there is no excuse not to provide yourself or your children with maximum protection from injuries to the teeth and jaws.
Being a medical device, you can understand why a comprehensive examination is crucial prior to making a new mouthguard. We need to allow for growing teeth by providing extra space. This is to ensure the mouthguard fits comfortably and (most importantly) works for as long as possible.
From all of us here at Cameron Dental Care we wish you good luck for the sporting season ahead!

Watch this great video of Dr Sarah making a mouthguard!